Alias: Tabitha, Marfa, Star, She Who Taught Us How To Pray, The Mother of the Tabarnacle, The Mother of the Fridge, Little Miss Dragonsbane, Typhoid Sally, Lady of That Which Lies Beyond (?), Emerald Witch


Powers: Sally has both Ussuran Pyeryem magic, which means she can shift into any form, as long as she has struck some kind of spiritual bargain with the animal who’s skin she uses. This bargain is marked by her vivid green eyes. Sally also has elemental magic, which may or may not actually be mage spheres. She certainly has an amazingly versatile set of powers, which draw on the three celtic elements of Earth, Sea and Sky, which she sometimes refers to as Sky, Sea and Sand, because she likes alliteration.

Finally, Sally can also teleport people, both within worlds, by travelling along the leylines that run within the Earth and also between the worlds. Her world hopping powers are linked to a strange amulet she wears, in the shape of two dragons twisted round a cross. This amulet may or may not be Sally’s avatar. Certainly, all her magic powers bar her shape shifting (which comes from a deal with Matushka) are greatly limited if her amulet is taken from her.

Sally has also, once or twice, had odd intuitions about language and words. She’s been able to understand things she shouldn’t, and has once said ‘…Shouldn’t he have an Irish accent?’ about someone she’d never met before.

Sally is currently demonstrating some of the symptoms of being a Star Trek Changeling. How long this lasts, only time will tell. This lasted approximately eight hours, and Sally is instead demonstrating some of the symptoms of being an elemental fairy. Sadly, not the ones that let her survive in space.

As of the latest update (timechecked in Buffyverse as late October – just before Halloween) Sally looks a bit like a succubus. Including the almost tangible aura of pheromones and lust. This is… inconvenient. On the bright side, she’s not scarred at all from her minor experience with sticking her hands into living flames…

Updated again; no succubus taint after a successful cleansing by NuWoD mages!


Real Age: About 36 years old Apparent Age: 18-20.

Distinguishing Features: Pointy and curvy in all the right places; shockingly green eyes, and a wide variety of tattoos, scars and designs. Also, a husband who’s, coincidentally, a nine foot tall furry blender of death when he’s at work…

Bio: Sally has died twice as far as anyone is aware. She died once on Severus, when teleported into the depths of space by Elle, and once on Arran when she was blown up whilst fighting Ryan’s spider monsters. After her second death she was resurrected on Ussura where she learnt to live with her Pyeryem and found some kind of sanity.

Sally’s List of Kit

Dragon amulet.
Spirit skins for fox, robin, raven, owl and bear. Whee! Bear!
Earring made of the world tear.
Tiffanys necklace/many stone choker necklace.
Diamond and emerald engagement ring.
Earth from Ussura, Anglesey, weird umbral cabin, Hela’s realm (ash/dirt), Roald Dahl ‘Witches’ (lost to accident).


Northern Star – Mel C
Runaway Train – Soul Asylum
White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes


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